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Almost Invisible Cat Litter

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  You just found the cat litter product that solves all litter issues and will far exceed your expectations of what cat litter can accomplish.  NOBODY WILL EVER SMELL YOUR CAT'S LITTER BOX ODOR again, even if they are only a few feet from the tray.  Incredibly, Almost Invisible Cat Litter will totally suppress odors from the cat box for 22 - 30 days while using slightly more than 1" of material.  Really! Additionally, there is virtually NO DUST, MINIMAL TRACKING, and daily maintenance is simple and takes just seconds each day.  Try our product and you too will thank StovePipeCat for permanently ridding your home of cat odors forever.   


That is true!  If you use Almost Invisible Cat Litter you will never have that nasty cat box odor that permeates the entire house ever again, with as litter as 1" in the litter box.  Really!  Additionally, there is no dust, minimal tracking and your litter box maintenace will be simple and less time consuming than you will would believe!